It was only a matter of time. Who could forget the original “Crush on Obama”? It was the biggest viral hit of the 2008 election — written by the “real” Obama Girl Leah Kauffman, but performed by Barely Political sex kitten Amber Lee Ettinger, who got much of the praise for the cheeky original music video.

Fast forward to this week, and Kauffman is reclaiming the Obama Girl title with a new (well, sort of) track “Still Got a Crush on Obama” — creative, no? The tune is familiar to say the least, but the lyrics are new. Some of the lines that may make the President blush:

I like your immigration policy/I’d let you stay inside my country

You pulled out of the war in Iraq/I want you back

Back in ‘08 until you get all eight/You’re still the sexiest candidate

Your word and your speeches still get me hot and speechless.

The new video has yet to hit the first rendition’s viral level — the June 2007 video still gets daily hits on YouTube and currently has over 25 million views. “Still Got a Crush” had several media hits today, but still has a long way to go before hitting that milestone.

Kauffman also made a video explaining why she made the new video, saying it came “from a place of sincerity.”

Check out the new video below and then relive the 2008 election with “Crush on Obama.”

Do you think Kauffman can reclaim her name and have another viral hit on her hands? Does lightening strike twice in the world of political YouTube videos?

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