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Ed Westwick, Carolina Herrera and Katie Holmes are among the celebrities, designers and celebrity designers who will attend tonight’s Style Awards in New York City. [WWD]

What would happen if Buffy, Katniss and Bella were picked to live in a house, stopped being polite and started getting real? BAMF Girls Club explores the possibilities. [Flavorwire]

Some of life’s greatest lessons come from after-school specials. The kids of Greese, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, The Wonder Years and more memorable movies and TV shows teach us the dos and don’ts of staying classy in school. [TIME]

Justin Bieber gets a new tattoo, tweets three shirtless photos of himself. Go ahead, click the link. We’ll wait here… [Hollywood Reporter]

Lana del Rey is tired of having people make fun of her songwriting, so she’s got plans to focus on a screenwriting career instead. [A.V. Club]

French beauty Marion Cotillard stars in a new web series that takes viewers behind the scenes at Lady Dior. [YouTube]

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