Red Dawn
Credit: Ron Phillips

The organizers of Fantastic Fest have announced that this year’s closing film will be Red Dawn, which is set to receive its world premiere at the Austin, Tx., festival on Thursday, September 27. The remake of the John Milius-directed 1984 actioner stars Chris Hemsworth as a marine attempting to liberate his town following an invasion by troops from North Korea.

On the night of the premiere, Fantastic Fest is also taking over Austin’s American Legion which will be transformed into a maximum security prison for what is being described as “the ultimate Red Dawn shindig.” What does that mean? Well, according to a statement issued by the Fest organizers, “Prisoners will experience mandatory enjoyment from delousing stations as well as free prison tattoos and head-shaves. Executive chef John Bullington will be doling out wild-game bulgogi, kimchi and piping-hot shots of deer blood while the uniformed detainees enjoy the musical stylings of festival favorite Future Folk.”

Will the occasion be the film party of the year? Or deteriorate into another Stanford Prison Experiment? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for Red Dawn below.

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