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Two new trailers for Downton Abbey have made their way online — one from ITV (the British home of everyone’s favorite period drama) and one from PBS. Both feature new scenes, but it’s the ITV promo that tugs at our heart strings. Watch them both below!

Things that we learned from the ITV trailer:

1. Edith and Sir Anthony Strallan are definitely an item. “You’ve given me back my life,” he says to her. Let’s hope Lady Mary finds another way to keep her wicked sister single.

2. Thomas might be getting some. Or at least, he’ll get to see the new footman half-naked.

3. Branson, the Earl and Thomas are all crying. Probably for different reasons. And are those tears in Matthew’s eyes, too?

4. Matthew steals a line of dialogue from Branson. In this spot, Matthew tells Mary, “I’ll never be happy with anyone else as long as you walk the earth.” In an older one that has since been taken off the Internet, it’s Branson who informs Matthew, “You won’t be happy with anyone else as long as Lady Mary walks the Earth.”

5. Ethel’s son is really cute. Look at him!

6. Choirs in the background make all trailers more dramatic. Just ask David Fincher.

Things we learned from the PBS trailer:

1. O’Brien and Thomas aren’t BFFs anymore. She’s snaps at her former partner-in-crime and calls him vain.

2. The new footman is tall. “I thought you might be walking on stilts,” Maggie Smith’s Dowager says.

3. Anna is trying really hard to get Bates out of jail. Maybe he did kill his ex-wife.

4. An aristocrat with no servants is as much use to the county as a glass hammer. The Dowager strikes again!

Things we learned from both:

1. It sucks to live in America. Downton returns to British television on Sept. 16. We have to wait until Jan. 6, 2013.


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Downton Abbey PS
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