By Mandi Bierly
September 04, 2012 at 05:21 PM EDT
Kent Smith/Showtime

With the fall TV season on the horizon, chances are  you’re feeling under the gun to marathon a certain show. Either you want to be caught up by the time it starts its new season or, if it’s an older show, you simply want to finish it before you have to turn your attention to returning favorites and figuring out which new series warrant a season pass. Which show is it?

Yesterday, I started marathoning season 1 of Homeland (which returns Sept. 30). It’s a brilliant show, but watching it on Amtrak wasn’t my smartest idea. I don’t think you want to be on public transportation, period, while watching a drama centered on terrorism. You become hyperaware/paranoid. You can laugh off your worry that fellow passengers thought you were trying to hide your large purse by the train door when you simply put it down for a second so you could put on your backpack, but it’s not funny when you watch two cops stop the guy you were suspicious of on the platform and search his bag.

Also, Homeland has some TV-MA sex scenes — something that I always find awkward enough viewing on public transportation that I must fast-forward. Of course, the ride was bumpy yesterday, so I slid too far ahead, and when I backed up, I hit part of the sex scene again. So I darted forward, but again went too far, so I rewound, and s—, there was the sex scene again. So basically, it looked like I was watching a part of the sex scene on repeat. Fantastic!

Your turn. Which show are you currently marathoning? And bonus question:

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