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The Other One Direction

Yes, our long national nightmare is finally over: the cute One Direction gets to keep their name!

If you recall, there was some hoopla about whether the U.K. boy band called were allowed to call and market themselves as One Direction, given that some American punks had the same name already. The homegrown band filed a lawsuit against the British invaders, asking for a million (American) dollars and a share of the foreign band’s royalties.

Simon Cowell’s company Syco then countersued the Yanks, accusing them of trying to leech off of a more famous group’s success. Apparently, things got so ugly that the boys from the States started receiving hate mail and death threats from their rival’s fans.

Now the two sides have settled for an undisclosed amount, and they’ve issued a press release announcing that the American band would be changing their name to Unchartered Shores, while the British band will retain the name One Direction. According to the release, this outcome pleased both parties.

To celebrate, let’s listen to each band side by side, in the spirit of their newfound harmony:

Here’s One Direction being very British-y by covering Oasis’ “Wonderwall”:

And here’s the newly minted Unchartered Shores, playing a track from their One Direction days:

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The Other One Direction
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