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On last night’s episode of Grimm, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) continued her search to find out who that man sleeping on her couch really is. And while we know Nick (Dave Giuntoli) is a good guy, Juliette’s meeting with repair man — and lovable Eisbiber — Bud (Danny Bruno) left her even more suspicious after he accidentally referred to Nick as a Grimm.

So where does this leave Juliette? Will she follow Hank’s path and learn the truth? We chatted with Tulloch to get some answers.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There is lots to get to, but first, I have to say, I love Bud the beaver man.

BITSIE TULLOCH: I love him! His name is Danny Bruno, and he’s a Portland-based actor. He gets so much love from me. Almost any time I do interviews I talk about him because I just love his story. He was just cast in a small role in one episode, and he killed it. He was so lovable and funny. And I think fans really responded to the idea that there are some Wesen — Silas’ characters among them — who are inherently good. They’re not all evil. And the beavers are meek, sweet Wesen and they get bullied a lot. I just love that Danny Bruno has had so much to do.

And he had an important scene in this episode. He put the word “Grimm” into Juliette’s lexicon. What is she going to do with that?

Juliette’s always had her own detective mystery to solve. In season 1, it was, “What’s going on with my boyfriend? What’s he going through that he’s not telling me?” Now in season 2, it’s “Who is this person? What’s a grimm?” And she’s bright — it’s not something she’s going to drop.

Solo missions are fun, but do you hope she’s brought into the fold this season? Like Hank?

Yeah. I think so. There was an episode last season where she ended up finding the body. (Ed note: episode 1.21, “Big Feet.”) She was at the scene of the crime before Nick, and I liked that. The fans have been calling us the Scooby Gang for a while, and I really had a lot of fun being more involved. And I think there’s a reason [the character] is a veterinarian; she can possibly be of help with some of the creatures.

What can you say about how long she’ll be on this quest for info?

I think they’re going to try to play with it for a while. There are a lot of places you can go with that. Maybe she wakes up and remembers one day. Or maybe they can try to build a new relationship from scratch. Or maybe somethings going to jolt her memory. I think it’s an interesting storyline.

For her as a character — what’s she going to go through in the next few?

It’s more about her trying to piece together what’s going on. And, also, [Nick and Juliette] are both going through a lot and it’s very frustrating for them. There is a part of each of them that think, “This is too hard. Maybe we should thrown in the towel.” But then something will happen and the reality is there’s a reason these two found each other and have been living together and dating for years. There’s a lot of love there. Whether or not she can remember the specifics about him, there’s something she loves about him.

Lastly, when are we going to learn more about this smooch Renard gave her to wake her up?

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say when you’ll see more, but you have not seen the last of that. She was poisoned, he had to poison himself and go through a morph in order to save her, and kiss her and bring her back to life. So whether or not they’re aware of it or whether or not they want it, they’re inextricably



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