By Annie Barrett
Updated September 04, 2012 at 06:00 PM EDT

You may have seen a short cut of ABC’s new, fascinatingly ridiculous DWTS promo, in which Our Sequined Superheroes — the season 15 All-Stars! — react to a “call of duty” in the sky while lingering seductively in a Gotham-esque cityscape. The full 60-second spot won’t be running until later this week, but you DANCMSTRs can watch it here first.

I think it’s safe to call ABC’s new Dancing With the Stars spot “the Dark Knight Rises of fall TV promos,” which is certainly something I never thought I’d write. Fifteen seasons and Cirque du So Gay is still full of surprises!

Here’s Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson, behind the scenes of a shoot, to set up the clip. The promo was shot over three very hot August days on the backlot of CBS Radford’s “NY Street.” As the viewer’s choice winner (Sabrina Bryan) had yet to be chosen, DWTS had three versions of The Mirror Ball magazine made. Poor Kyle Massey and Carson Kressley — getting kicked out of Superhero School in the middle of August is the worst.

The music in the promo, performed by a company (of Scandanavian superheroes?) named Musikvergnuegen, is a re-imagining of the DWTS theme, ABC told EW, that turns the fun, pop-feel of the show’s opening music into a big, theatrical, epic piece to complement the Superhero theme of the season.

There are so many gems — the All-Star News! the mirrorball-ish reflective qualities of Bristol Palin’s compact! Kelly Monaco just hangs out next to her season 1 trophy in eveningwear! — that I suspect this can hold me over until the season begins, Monday, September 24 on ABC.

Getting psyched?

Got the urge to wear a sequined tank top under tomorrow’s cardigan? Go for it!

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