The final episode in the house was the biggest one yet. Next week’s episode will be the finale which takes place in front of a live studio audience and I’ll talk a little bit about that later.

This week was different as we held two competitions. The first competition was a huge project. We blacked out the windows in the back of the house so the contestants couldn’t see what was going on but due to all the noise they knew something big was happening back there. Our crews worked non-stop day and night to quickly build that contraption over the pool.

This challenge was completely based on who knew the most Bachelor and Bachelor Pad related trivia. Last week we saw Chris and Sarah dominate the Spelling Bee and this week they did it again. In all fairness, it was Sarah that dominated this competition by herself. All Chris had to do was sit there and enjoy the view as each competitor fell into the pool one by one. This challenge wasn’t even close, and Sarah could’ve gone on answering questions all day. She got several questions that I didn’t even know the answers to.

While this challenge didn’t earn the couple safety it did come with the power of voting off the couple of their choice. Was there any question whatsoever that Chris was going to take out Blakeley and Tony along with her? These two really dislike each other, and the first opportunity one of them had to take the other one out it was going to happen. As soon as Chris won that challenge Blakeley knew she was done. Blakeley and Tony don’t appear to have left empty handed though. They really seem to be falling for each other. Next week I’ll get you a full update on how they’re doing and what they’re up to.

Because it was so obvious there wasn’t much emotional fallout from the first challenge, but the contestants didn’t have much time to rest as I quickly came in, in a new outfit, and notified them that the final challenge started immediately. This challenge was easily my favorite this season. First of all, being at the famous Hollywood Palladium was a real treat. But spending a few days with Night Ranger was an absolute blast. The best part was long before the cast arrived we were just hanging, listening to Night Ranger’s sound check and singing at the top of our lungs. A huge thanks to Jack, Kelly, Brad, and the rest of the band for being so gracious and just so damn cool. Also, a special shout out to Jack for pulling me into the pre-concert huddle, a Night Ranger ritual before every performance. If only for a very, very brief moment I got to live the life of a rock star.

As I said on the show, there was no chance that any of our couples were going to be any good singing one of the most iconic rock anthems ever. But I have to give them all a huge amount of credit for not only getting up on stage but for really going for it. I know that being a true rock star is everyone’s dream but actually having to do it in front of a packed house is horrifying.

Ed and Jaclyn got off to a bad start and it went downhill from there. Nick summed it up best when he said, “This song is about a brother giving advice to his sister, and they’re dry humping on stage.” Chris and Sarah really went for it. Was it just me, or was Sarah channeling her inner Elaine Benes with her dance moves? (That’s a Seinfeld reference kids, look it up.) Ed also put her dancing in perspective when he said, “It looked like a monkey being electrocuted.”

Nick and Rachel had to go first, which put a ton of pressure on them, and let’s face it, nobody expected much from Nick. Actually, if we’re being honest, most of them didn’t know who Nick was or why he was on stage. Rachel and Nick came out of the box swinging and they did a pretty good job. If Sarah was channeling Elaine Benes, Rachel was easily doing her best Molly Ringwald. (Kids: After Seinfeld, watch The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and throw in Sixteen Candles there for good measure.)

Nick and Rachel were the clear cut easy winners of the final challenge, not only earning themselves a spot in the finals, but they also got to decide which couple would be joining them. To me what came next will easily go down as the most important and pivotal moment of Bachelor Pad so far. Rachel and Jaclyn are best friends and there was no doubt that she was going to bring her and Ed with them to the finals, and if Michael were still around, that’s exactly what would have happened.

But he’s not here, and we have the wild card in Nick. Nick had a very simple clear-cut agenda: win the money. To have the best chance of winning this whole game, Nick knew that they would be better off facing Chris and Sarah and not Ed and Jaclyn. We showed enough for you to get the idea, but the decision process took a very long time. Rachel was adamant on taking Jaclyn but Nick was strong in his convictions and eventually wore Rachel down.

It was incredibly emotional at the rose ceremony. I felt really bad for Jaclyn but I also felt bad for Rachel. She got pushed into making a decision she didn’t want to make at all. She was gutted and couldn’t believe she had been led down that path by Nick. To his credit, Nick has been completely dismissed as a nobody in this game. No one gave him any thought and even Rachel in the end didn’t really want him as a partner. But somehow, some way, he has found himself in the finals facing the couple he wanted to face in Chris and Sarah.

So next week in front of a live studio audience, you will witness one of the wildest, craziest, most dramatic and devastatingly stunning shows you have ever seen. It’s an action-packed two hours that is off the rails from start to finish. We’ll tell you what really happened to Rachel and Michael after the show; Chris has to face all the women he played in the house and own up to his actions; Kalon and Lindzi will tell us what they’re up to. Oh, and there’s the little matter of a quarter of a million dollars to be handed out. I can’t emphasize it enough, you do not want to miss this! Until then, we will see you at @chrisbharrison and at

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