By Grady Smith
Updated September 02, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Pop music fans, consider this your official EW heads up: 16-year-old YouTube sensation Ryan Beatty is going places.

The web celeb, whose videos have racked up more than 31 million views, released his debut EP Because of You in late July, and it reached number seven on the all-genre iTunes album chart — as well as number one on the pop albums chart. Not bad for a kid who doesn’t have a label deal!

Today, Beatty is unveiling the music video for his new single “Hey LA,” an infectious sun-drenched ode to the City of Angels, right here on The song, which falls into the same bright, California-pop wheelhouse as Andy Grammer’s “Fine By Me,” is already earning airplay on radio stations in Las Vegas and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Los Angeles.

The budding star co-wrote the song after his first visit to L.A., where he recently moved with his family to more officially pursue a career in the music biz. “It took two days to film,” says Beatty, who essentially had to shoot every scene twice in order to achieve the clip’s nifty transitions between green screen in-studio performance and glossy city life. “Sometimes I had to get the same exact movement I was doing in the green screen shot,” says Beatty. “I had to make sure every single part of my body was moving at the same time as it was on the green screen.”

Well, it looks like all the hard work paid off. See for yourself in the video below:

Pretty fun (and super catchy), right? What are your thoughts on the new video? Do you think Ryan Beatty has what it takes to become as big as Bieber? The fact that #callmebeatty was a top Twitter trending topic in the U.S. last night suggests that he just might…

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