Credit: Andrew Eccles/A&E

Geena Davis remembers the 1978 thriller Coma for it’s “visually arresting” creepiness.

But as audiences prepare to tune in to the four-hour miniseries of the same name, premiering tomorrow night on A&E, she warns: “It’s even creepier and spookier.”

The miniseries, produced by Ridley Scott along with late brother Tony Scott, is an updated — and largely different — version of the original movie and the book on which it is all based. But the core remains the same: A young medical student (Six Feet Under‘s Lauren Ambrose) begins looking into why patients are falling into a coma during routine surgeries and, suffice to say, while she’s correct in her assumption, there’s much more to the story than she bargained for.

Davis, who declined to comment about the producer’s passing, plays chief of psychiatry Dr. Agnetta Lindquist, who “may or may not be involved in the nefarious things that are happening.” And that was part of the character’s appeal, she says. “I thought that it would be fun to play a part with questionable morals.”

Watch our chat with Davis below:

Coma airs over two nights starting Monday at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.