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I’ll admit something upfront: I’m a fairly new Whovian. I’m far from the expert-types who you might expect to write a review of the first episode of the new season, which aired tonight. But I will say this: I think my story is more common than not. Despite being able to fill up Comic-Con’s Hall H and gracing the cover of some pretty fine magazines, there are still many people who have yet to be romanced by Doctor Who. My plea to them? You don’t know what you’re missing. [Spoilers ahead.]

Take tonight’s endlessly clever and heartfelt episode, for instance. “Asylum of the Daleks” plunged the Doctor — along with (divorced!) Amy and Rory — into the heart of a Dalek “dumping ground.” (“The ones even you can’t control,” the Doctor told the Dalek Prime Minister at one point.)

Before arriving the gang had made contact with a soufflé-making lass named Oswin, who said she was trapped inside the center of the asylum after crashing her ship. Yes, that Oswin. Jenna-Louise Coleman, the new companion, wasn’t scheduled to appear until the Christmas special, so this was a great surprise. (Also, she’s cute as a button!)

Another big reveal came when Amy and Rory had a second to discuss what went wrong in their relationship and led to the divorce we learned about in the first five minutes. Amy, who was being converted into a Dalek, was trying hard to hold on to her humanity, and I thought for sure we were going to lose it when Rory pissed her off by claiming, “I loved you more than you loved me.” Not so, she cried (after slapping him). “I didn’t kick you out, I gave you up,” she said. As it turns out, Amy can’t have children and didn’t want to deprive Rory of something he’s wanted his whole life. Putting all of this information out there ended up being good for them. They got back together — and just in time, too. I was emotionally drained. God, I’m going to miss these two.

But I can say the future is bright; Oswin is a great character. And knowing that she will appear again (in some way…) makes the end of her story in this episode a little less devastating — but, don’t get me wrong, still very devastating. When the Doctor finally reached Oswin’s location, it was revealed that the genius smart-mouth was, in fact, a human converted into a Dalek. The Doctor had smelled something off about the situation all along (“Where do you get the milk and eggs for the soufflés?”), but Oswin didn’t have a clue that she had dreamed up her entire living situation. I AM NOT A DALEK! << Terrifying.

Just before she took down the force field, allowing the Doctor and Co. to escape, Oswin, now seen to us as a Dalek, made one final request: “Remember me.” Considering Oswin’s return is imminent and her debut was so incredible, I think we can promise her that.

Other great moments:

+ The reveal that the Daleks in the ICU were the ones who had been previously defeated by the Doctor

+ “It is offensive to us to extinguish such divine hatred.” “…You think hatred it beautiful?” “Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you.”

+ “The chin.” Haha!

+ Apparently: Human – love + anger = Dalek(/Charlie Sheen?)

+ Daleks chanting: “‘Doctor,’ who?” …that seems so much less awesome in print. Damn punctuation. Just go watch the episode.

The rest of you: Thoughts? And anyone else here #newtowho?


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