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Castle | Monday, 10-11 p.m., ABC The ''I love you'' uttered by Castle (Nathan Fillion) to Beckett (Stana Katic) ?as she lay injured from a gunshot in…
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Happy three-day weekend, gang! Hope you enjoy these end-of-week offerings before you retreat to your caves. (Just me? Ok…)

Remember to keep sending in your questions — @EWSandraG via Twitter or I'll be able to knock out a few more next week and hopefully have a treat or two for loyal askers who have been waiting so patiently.

Many thanks! And I wish you a very labor-free weekend. Get some sun; I hear some people enjoy that sort of thing.


My AMA (Ask me Anything) on Parenthood isn't as exciting as, say, one done by the President of the United States, but, hey, some could argue that Parenthood is an issue of national importance. (Some = me.) So let's do this! AMA: Parenthood's new season…

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All Leverage fans are wondering the same thing at this point: What the heck is Nate up to!? Since the beginning of the season, we've seen the Leverage leader planting seeds of some big plan but as of now, we have close to zero concrete info about it. And while I hear that this week's episode has yet another tiny nugget of info, I think we'll have better luck grilling Aldis Hodge about it more during his live chat with EW this Sunday.

In the meantime, he kept my insatiable hunger for scoop under control by telling me about caper that will send trio Hardison, Parker and Eliot to Washington, D.C.!

In one hour of the two-hour summer finale, airing Sept. 16, the threesome will head to the nation's capital in order to stop a global warfare scheme. And the job will challenge Hardison in way we've never seen before. "Hardison is dealing with something that he's deathly afraid of. He's wondering if it's worth his life to keep doing this," says Hodge, declining to elaborate on the specifics of Hardison's fear. "For this particular episode, he has to step above and beyond. I didn't realize that he had a fear so deep. But this is also a testament to his courage for sticking around and doing what he had to do."

Sophie and Nate's solo caper will be the center of the other episode airing that Nate. But more on that and more with Hodge on Sunday. Make sure to join in the fun!

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At the end of Grimm's first season, Nick came extremely close to telling his love Juliette the truth about his life as a Grimm. But now that selective amnesia has left her unable to remember Nick at all, is Juliette further from the truth than ever before? That's how star Bitsie Tulloch sees it. "She can't remember him as a human being — let alone as a Wessen hunter," she says. "I think the main focus is going to be on getting her to remember or rebuilding a relationship from scratch."

Thus far, it hasn't been an easy task to tackle. The two are fraying at the edges, she says, and that will continue for a while. "She just can't remember him and he has years and years of wonderful memories with her," she says. "He really wants to beat his head against the wall because nothing he does is jolting her from this emptiness." (Trivia: Tulloch reveals that she was in tears while filming the scene from last week's episode, where Nick was showing Juliette pictures of their past at the hospital — but those takes ended up not being used.)

In the next new episode, airing Monday, Juliette will make her own attempt to jolt her memory and this will lead to the return of a familiar face. And this meeting could set her on the path toward uncovering Nick's secret. But will she ever? Tulloch will answer that question and more (like what could result from that kiss with Capt. Renard!) in our post-episode chat, which you can read here on InsideTV on Monday night after you watch the episode.

Next: Scoop on Castle, Grey's Anatomy, Doctor Who, and more…


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Have you seen the Castle screener? Thumbs up or jazz hands? — @genkichiba

Yes I did! And I went full-on jazz hands, PLUS a happy jig. Why? 1) The morning-after scene is everything executive producer Andrew Marlowe promised ("I think it's a really sweet, fun and funny scene," he told me.) and 2) They bring the plot about Beckett's mom's murder to a big non-resolution resolution that is very clever. And you'll see exactly what my confusing terminology means when you see the episode.

Anything on #Castle?? Please? PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEEE? — @themrslondon

All the buzz about the first scene is worth it, but the last scene is also going to be a fave among the fans. (My reaction? "Hey, now! Easy, Beckett!")

Any Meredith Grey scoop will make my day. – Tia

Rest assured: She's not as injured as the rest of the gang. But look for her to be carrying a surprising reputation in the premiere, which, as previously reported, will jump ahead a few months in time.

Love some BBT scoop. Anyone, but bonus points for Sheldon. – Matt

It seems everyone is getting more action than Raj these days – surprisingly, that includes Mrs. Wolowitz. Shudder. (Damn. No bonus points for me.)

Sandra! Thank you for that Person of Interest scoop last week. So glad you're watching the show! Can you tell me about anything more about some of the new faces this year? – Katie

While details are still under wraps about Margo Martindale's guest spot, I can tell you that Lost alum Ken Leung plays the person of interest in the first episode, and Michael Emerson says, "he could not be better." "He's perfectly cast as a character that's a bad match for Mr. Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Mr. Reese is forced to spend a lot of time with under dire circumstances," he says.

Sandra, I'd love, love, love some Doctor Who scoop. I'm not sure if you even watch, but if you do, please give something up for Whovians.  – Anna V.

I'm actually a fairly new Whovian, myself. But consider me on board for this new season, premiering here in the states on Saturday on BBC America. A great prep for the episode is watching these two just-released featurettes – one is a chat with  executive producers Steven Moffat and Caro Skinner and the other has Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. The best tease? Gillan's about a "massive revelation in the first episode" that she says will explain "a lot about Amy and Rory's relationship so far." I can promise you it's a shocking and devastating moment that'll leave you crying right along with Amy. (Also, come to PopWatch after the premiere. We'll chat about it!)

Tiva scoop?!? I LOVE NCIS. — Steffy

More?! There's no pleasing you!… Actually, I take it from this request that you simply haven't seen the bounty of pictures that I brought to you earlier this week. You know, the ones where Michael Weatherly talked about being all sweaty with his co-star? And where he teased that the elevator scene would reveal "how these two really are with each other now." Yes, I'm sure you haven't seen 'em. But now you have! You're welcome!

Any NCIS scoop – NOT Tiva related – Erin

Gulp. Tough crowd. Well, if the drama and tension of the first episode is a lot for you to handle, I recommend being excited about the third episode, which Weatherly describes as one of the most hilarious yet! "If that show is one tenth as funny as the table read, we should get nominated for a comedy award," he says.

I adore your column! Do you have any secrets from the upcoming series of American Horror Story? The teasers are so creepy and good! — George

Well George, here's hoping you've already picked up this awesome, scoop-filled issue. If you did and are still craving more, I asked Copper star Franka Potente (Run Lola Run) for even the tiniest hint about her character, who appears in episode four and five of the upcoming season. "I'm not allowed to tell you really anything," she says. "But there's this pretty crazy revelation about my character. You know  [how when]Hitchcock [was] at his best he had this momentum in his movies where you think something's insane but possible? My character has that momentum. And anybody who has seen this show will have [that feeling] because it's related to something everybody knows historically." It's a head-scratcher, I know. But considering this year features aliens and Nazis, there's little sense to be made of it all at this point – which is what makes it so delicious!

SANDRA! Any Scandal scoop? – Leslie

Yes. BIG scoop – or maybe the better word is gift. I'll reveal all very soon. But I can tell you it involves this guy. And Scandal die-hards will LOVE it!

Hey, Sandra. I know you're a Blue Bloods fan like I am. Any chances for a little scoop? – Lanie

I'd say your chances are VERY good – because I have some. After Danny successfully plays babysitter to a powerful man in danger, he finds himself getting a job offer that's hard to refuse. (In other words, he shows him the money – if I may make a completely dated reference.)

I just read Ben's parents are going to be in an episode of Parks? True? – Beth

Indeed. The episode, aptly titled "Ben's Parents," will find the parentals – and dad's girlfriend! – joining our happy couple for dinner. And if you think it starts off tense, just wait till you see what happens after someone comes clean about their [spoiler!].

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Holy crap this photo!! As a fellow White Collar fan, Sandra, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! – Liz

Don't thank me. Thank Matt Bomer. And executive producer Jeff Eastin. And Matt Bomer's trainer. And the inventor of boxing. And I guess me a little, too. But how about some context for that lovely photo? I can tell you that the case that leads to, um, this, involves a white collar boxing club, which, in itself, isn't illegal. What is? The man behind it all is awarding winners with insider secrets. But when the case requires the boys to get inside the ring, their fight turns very real! Why? Because Neal finds out Peter's actions may have severely impeded his chances of finding out more info about his father. Ding, ding! Fight on, boys! Who's bringing the popcorn…and the Jell-O. (Shameless, I know. I disgust myself sometimes.)

Any Vampire Diaries scoopage?! — Terri

Nope. But I have a juicy announcement for Daniel Gillies fans! The hunky star of The Vampire Dairies and Saving Hope will be stopping by EW HQ next week for a Spoiler Room video edition. So get those questions in ASAP!

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