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True Blood may have wrapped its fifth season this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to be True Blood-less for long. As we previously reported, the show is releasing a cookbook inspired by the series.

True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps won’t be out until after Labor Day weekend, so unfortunately you’ve have to make do without Sookie Stackhouse’s What a Fried Chicken at your barbecues. But we thought we’d give you a little taste of what to expect in advance of the cookbook’s Sept. 5 release, so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 True Blood-iest recipes in the True Blood cookbook.

1. Ruby Mixer by Nan Flanagan: The book kicks off with a recipe for Tru Blood, minus the blood, for those of us who aren’t plasma-inclined. A combination of carbonated orange soda, grenadine and lemon juice, this beverage is your basic True Blood staple.

2. Mama’s Whiskey Sour by Tara Thornton: In season 1, Tara boldly proclaims that she’s been mixing whiskey sours for her mama since the first grade. Now we too get to indulge in Lettie Mae Thornton’s choice of breakfast. (Though I’d save these for after 5 p.m.) Lemon juice, bourbon and syrup make up this simple but classic drink.

3. Beautifully Broken Bisque by Russell Edgington: Of all the recipes in the True Blood cookbook, this one comes the closest to looking like actual blood. Made largely of beets, this vegetable soup captures the spirit of Talbot, Russell’s one love.

4. Brujo Burger by Lafayette Reynolds: No True Blood cookbook would be complete without a burger by Lafayette. Luckily for us, there’s no AIDS to be found. Instead, it’s a surprisingly artisan meal, complete with white button mushrooms, chopped pecans and a whole-wheat hamburger bun. And it’s named for his dead boyfriend Jesus!

5. Sloppy Jason by Jason Stackhouse: I was surprised to find any recipes by Jason in here since he’s always trying to get Gran (RIP) or Sookie to cook for him, but this recipe seemed to be just perfect. Made to comfort Hoyt when Jessica started slipping away from him, this meal is simple and sloppy, just like Jason.

6. Plaisir d’Amour Rabbit Stew by Maryann Forrester: I was really hoping there’d be a recipe in here for Maryann’s Hunter Souffle, but I guess it’s uncouth to include a dish that requires a human heart. This stew is a nice substitute, however, and, as Maryann’s introduction to the recipe informs us, it’s the perfect post-orgy meal.

7. Just Desserts Blood (Orange) Gelato by Talbot: I remember seeing this gelato on screen and thinking it looked amazing (despite the fact that it was, you know, made of blood), so I was thrilled to see it included here. Thankfully, this gelato makes do with blood oranges instead. With a mint leaf garnish, it makes the perfect palate cleanser.

8. Last Rites Pecan Pie by Tara Thornton: There was no way this cookbook could not include Gran’s pecan pie. (Remember this?) I must admit that I’m a little confused as to why it was written by Tara and not Gran; however, Tara’s intro to the recipe — in which she thanks Gran for being more of a mother to her than Lettie Mae ever was — is pretty sweet. And the pie looks pretty good too.

9. Way Back to Joy Banana Pudding by Sarah Newlin: Apparently, Sarah’s banana pudding is more than just, uh, innuendo. This recipe makes four servings, so you’ll have plenty if you’re planning to seduce anyone!

10. The Pearl in My Oyster Po’Boy by Naomi: I had to include this one on this list, if only because it’s so weird. Naomi, in case you looked at that name and wondered if she was a real True Blood character (I did), was Tara’s girlfriend on the show’s fourth season. According to her little intro to this recipe, she hoped to bribe Tara back home with a sandwich, and not just any ol’ sandwich, but one that has oysters in it. I’m not sure why a sandwich would do the job, but maybe Naomi hoped to harness the aphrodisiac potentials of the mollusk? Whatever. Oysters in a sandwich sounds downright gross.

BONUS: Sookie Stackhouse’s Gin and Tonic. The most complicated recipe of all. It’s made of gin and… wait for it… tonic. This is an actual recipe in the True Blood cookbook.

So, will any of you be buying the True Blood cookbook?

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