By Erin Strecker
August 31, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Patrick Semansky/AP

Fashion’s not about partisanship, it’s about the good, the bad and the truly bizarre. From political statements expressed through nail art to unintentionally erotic hats, click on to see our picks of the best flair at the 2012 RNC.

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10. Political Animals

The Beanie Babies go to Washington? This particular species entered the political fray by hitching a ride to Tampa on the hat of Ohio delegate Ranae Lentz.

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9. Mitt Masks

One mask, two different sides of the aisle. Inside the convention hall, imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, but among the demonstrators outside, Mitt looked slightly more sinister.

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8. Gaga Granny Glasses
In her zero-visibility glasses, alternate delegate Dr. Barbara Ann Smith seems to have taken a page from Lady Gaga’s stylebook.

7. Political Nail Art

Finger flair! Whoever came up with the idea to politicize the hottest beauty trend on the red carpet — nail art — wins the award for most creative trend at the RNC. Bonus points for the matching pedicure (not pictured).

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6. Buttons

Ah, buttons. Whether it’s a political convention, the Olympics or a Girl Scout pin swap, they’re classic flair. Vendor Keith Ketcham was the most-decorated man at the RNC when he put his wares on display for reporters.

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5. Message Ties

Among a sea of red and blue ties, delegates like John Allen made more than a fashion statement with their neckwear. It’s obvious which party he belongs to, but can you find the symbol of his home state?

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4. Unintentionally Erotic Accessories

This hat has everything; fur trim, crystal embellishments and tea bags. If you’re a teetotaler, a member of the Tea Party, or someone who just enjoys a good cup of chamomile, you’re looking at this picture and seeing tea bags. If you’ve got a ribald sense of humor, you’re giggling like a 12 year-old boy.

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3. Anything Elephant

You can’t have a Republican party without elephants! This year, the pachyderm head cozy took the convention floor by storm.

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2. Hawaiian Leis

What was with the flower leis? While we’re trying to figure it out, let’s take a moment to appreciate the flair stylings of Ann Romney’s grandson.

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1. Romney iPhone Case

Romney’s not exactly known for being cool, but this branded smartphone case is actually pretty sweet. Hands down, it’s our top Republican convention collectible.