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Updated August 31, 2012 at 04:36 PM EDT
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Puny Whedon …

Sleepwalk With Me, an indie film about a stand-up comic who discovers that his act gets funnier the more his life falls apart, expands to cities across the country today, and it has already declared victory over the biggest movie of the year after debuting last week on just one New York City screen.

Take that, Joss Whedon! Oooh, “The Avengers”! You think you’re so smart with your billion-dollar superhero franchise. Who’s laughing now!?

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Mike Birbiglia, that’s who! The guy who wrote, directed, and stars in the film (which is based on his own life.) And Ira Glass, the mild-mannered host of public radio’s This American Life, who produced Sleepwalk With Me — he’s laughing, too!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! In … your … FACE, Joss Whedon!

Check out the exclusive video of their victory declaration, and Whedon’s pathetic capitulation, at Sleepwalk With Me‘s recent Los Angeles premiere.

First, a little background: Whedon started it.

But you know what …? Glass and Birbiglia are gonna FINISH IT.

Sleepwalk With Me opened to a stellar per-screen average of $68,801 last weekend. You know what The Avengers‘ per-screen take was when it debuted last May? A comparatively paltry $47,698.

Of course, The Avengers was on 4,300 screens and Sleepwalk With Me was playing on only one, at the time, so … Anyway, I’ve never been good with math, so let’s just watch Birbiglia explain it to a humbled Whedon.

Where’s “Iron Man” to save you now, nerdlinger?

In case you have an interest in joining the “winning” team, here’s the trailer for Sleepwalk With Me. And here is where you can find a theater showing it near you.

And if you haven’t yet had enough videos of these guys, here’s Glass and Birbiglia talking about Sleepwalk With Me with yours truly at Sundance in January:

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