Print is dead!

Well, not exactly. Moleskine, the renowned manufacturer of journals and diaries, has partnered with digital scribes Evernote to produce a new tech-compatible notebook. Called the Evernote Smart Notebook, its physical pages can be digitized with Evernote's iPhone and iPad programs, allowing users to search and organize them as though they were digital documents. (The new notebooks have special inked lines that allow your scribbled notes to be easily scanned and digitized by a smartphone or tablet's camera.)

The collaboration is the first move by Moleskine's newly-established digital team, which aims to keep the company — whose reputation was built upon the quality of its physical products — technologically relevant.

But before you write this off as yet another death knell for the print industry, note that some of Moleskine's future initiatives involve transferring digital content to physical formats — and not the other way around. It also plans to attempt an IPO, which should help keep the brand-oriented company going strong (provided it performs better than Facebook).

Is there a future for physical journals? Is the new Smart Notebook the latest advance in the robot apocalypse?

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