Chalk it up to more Rumors.

Lindsay Lohan has not had a great week. While she dodged burglary charges, there are reports coming out of her time on set of Liz & Dick, and they aren’t good.

CNN reports Elizabeth Taylor’s famous trailer, used on set of Cleopatra, was sold to Angel Alger for $50,000 in June, but as part of the sale agreement, Alger had to rent it out to Silver Screen Pictures to use in the Liz & Dick movie. Alger claims that when she saw it again in July, there was $100,000 worth of damage to it, including broken dishes and cigarette marks over everything.

Alger said she suspects Lindsay Lohan is responsible, “based on a studio employee’s comment to [Alger] that the actress and her friends had access to it each night after filming.” Alger has no other evidence to prove it.

When asked for comment, Lindsay’s rep tells EW, “Lindsay has the highest respect and admiration for Elizabeth Taylor. To suggest that she was responsible for this is preposterous.”

EW also reached out to Liz & Dick executive producer Larry Thompson, but have not heard back.

One thing is for sure — it may not have been Lohan, but judging by these before and after pictures, Alger isn’t being a drama queen for nothing.

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