By Jessica Shaw
August 31, 2012 at 05:04 PM EDT

What a week in the Big Brother house! Dan rises from the dead, fan favorite Britney gets evicted, Jenn manages to convince herself she’s a player, and Ian shows signs of losing it. Share your endless wisdom with us, Jedi Master Julie Chen!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you think once Boogie was evicted that the season would go downhill and fast?

JULIE CHEN: Absolutely. I’m always thinking that way. I always want the person that people hate to stay for that specific reason. So yes, there was a concern. But what transpired since his eviction really goes to show you the truth in our classic slogan, to expect the unexpected. We couldn’t have scripted what happened.

You get daily feeds of what goes on in the house. When it looked like Dan had masterminded a way to undo his demise, what did you think?

It was like, what? I just pictured in my mind how people’s faces would look when he did what he did. You know those people so well and they looked exactly like I thought they would.

I was surprised Britney wasn’t able to save herself. I thought Shane might keep her because she’s a bigger target than Danielle, and Danielle would vote for him in the jury no matter what. Did you know Britney was a goner?

I did think had a 50/50 chance of saving herself but I think she didn’t have enough days to recover from her whole wounded animal/pity me/I’m the victim/I threw in the towel mode. She needed, to quote Jeff, to knuckle up. I think had she had two more days in the house to kind of stew and simmer she would have knuckled up and gotten her game on. I think it’s a very hard thing for women [to move past feeling hurt] and specifically it’s a hard thing for a personality like Britney, who is in some ways a little girl still. She let her feelings get in the way. Had she taken a page from Janelle’s playbook and was cold as ice and emotionless she would have knuckled up in that small time frame.

I found her maternal side, defending Ian against Frank, to be very endearing this season. But do you think Ian is officially losing it?

I think he has shades of losing it. I don’t think he is losing it entirely, though. Any time he looks like he’s losing it it’s a weird combination of ‘I’m about to have a nervous breakdown’ and ‘I’m so excited.’ He loves it. I think when he gets off this show he’s going to feel like he’s just been going at 110 mph. Life is going to seem slow and boring and he’s going to become some weird thrill seeker.

After the eviction, one of the tweets you showed was from someone who wants to marry Ian. I think he’s going to clean up with the ladies once he leaves the house.

No doubt. If we ever bring him back for an all-stars, he’s going to be the new Will.

I am equal parts surprised and ashamed to admit that I thought he kind of good in those oversized glasses he wore last night.

I have to admit I kind of thought that too! He’s finding his way and finding his groove. When he hugged Britney last night it was this awkward hug and chest bump at the same time. But that was kind of a bold move for him. That’s a motion he wouldn’t have made two months ago.

Do you think Dan should have been nicer to Britney? I thought he was kind of harsh.

Nope. He can’t crack if he wants to win this game. It was bad for Britney, but good for him.

Is there a snowball’s chance in hell that Dan and Frank will take each other to the final two?

After Frank’s HoH interview last night, I think they will trust each other as long as they serve each other. They will both throw the other person under the bus if it serves their game. There is no sincere friendship there. They’re not going to honor their word just because they said they were going to.

So now there are two weeks of chances to get Frank voted off. They’d all be idiots not to get him out, right?

I think the jury would respect his game play. He hasn’t really double crossed anyone. He’s always been pretty much an open book with his alliances. There’s not enough hatred against him by the potential jury members.

What was up with Jenn—sorry, Jenn City—thinking she was such a gamer this week? She wasn’t making a bold move; she was just following Frank’s instructions!

You know, there’s something to be said about floaters. Floaters have won this game—i.e., Maggie. I don’t respect it and I don’t even think it’s a strategy for them. It’s just who they are and it’s luck. In her mind she’s a player. It’s hysterical. Here’s the thing: I would respect floaters if they owned it and said, ‘Hey, I ended up being a floater. It wasn’t my intention.’ But no one will ever say that. Egos.

I wonder how much the casting people know who will end up being floaters and how much they want floaters to mix with the gamers. I would never have guessed Jenn would end up a floater.

I don’t think we ever want floaters. What we want are rootable people. We don’t want everyone to be duplicitous. That’s too toxic. You need to have someone to root for. What does surprise us year to year is boy, that person wasn’t as interesting as they were in interviews. They’re all talk and no action.

Danielle is definitely someone people root for, at least inside the house. But she drives me crazy because she’s just a hanger-on. Could she win because no one will ever want to take her out?

Depends who she’s against. She won’t win against Ian or Frank. She could win against Shane. As a woman, I would love to see a woman win because I do think there is something to be said about a sexist society leading to always male winners. The bottom line is what I’ve learned from doing all these seasons is that a bromance trumps all. I would love to see Danielle win HoH again and see her rise to the occasion. That one week she was HoH she got a little drunk with power. Show me something, girl.

Ugh, what a boring finale that could lead to. What if it’s Jenn and Danielle?

Wake me up. The potential of thinking about that just put me to sleep.


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