By Lindzi Scharf
August 31, 2012 at 09:59 PM EDT
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Tonight, on a very special episode of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, 90210 star Shenae Grimes takes aim at the contestants, Victoria and Destiny get pushed around by the mean girls in the model house and Tyra worries about getting hate mail from animal lovers.

Sounds like a lot of high school drama for the College Edition, no?

ANTM photo shoot creative consultant Johnny Wujek explains all to EW.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This week, the contestants pose as dead animals in a taxidermy-themed shoot. Tyra said that she’s worried about a backlash from animal rights activists, are you concerned?

JOHNNY WUJEK: I didn’t think that deeply about it. To me, it was more of an artistic approach to a beauty shot. The contestants’ heads are mounted to a wall and they’re meant to be taxidermy, but they’re still beautiful. And it was a difficult shoot for them because they had big, crazy hair and not much room to move around.

Who knew 90210 star Shenae Grimes was a photographer? How did she get involved in the photo shoot?

I did. She’s a good friend of mine, so I asked her and she said, ‘Absolutely.’ She’s been doing this forever, so I didn’t have to direct her much. As a photographer, she knows what we want out of the girls and how to get them to express emotion. She was great.

Which contestant were you most proud of this week?

At the photo shoot, I was really happy with Leila. She’s definitely got a [signature] look, but she still gives us variety. I wasn’t at the challenge, but it’s cool to see Yvonne stand out in this episode. Being a plus size model is a challenge of its own in this contest.

We’re only on episode two and there is already trouble in the model house. Does the drama make its way into your photo shoots?

Not this time, but I did see some drama in an upcoming episode. There’s one contestant that the other girls are…anti. You’ll see a whole storyline with her. Other than that, everyone came to set and did their thing. I never saw it, so I always had to dig, like, ‘Who’s not getting along? What’s going on?!’

In the promos it appears that the outcast this season could be Victoria

Victoria is such an outgoing character, but she could easily snap. She gets so crazy worked up sometimes. The other girls don’t know how to read her yet, but they’re picking up on her weirdness, which I like!

Back to tonight’s episode, any drama?

Kiara gets into a fight with Darian and Destiny.

Blogger Bryanboy is introduced this week as the voice of the people. How brutal does the feedback from social media fans get and how do the girls handle it?

What’s crazy is that people are submitting videos — so they’re showing their faces. It’s [cruel] when people talk s–t and hide behind a [screen] name, but these fans actually show their faces and still dishing out the hate. Some girls take it well and some girls cry. Some girls are strong and love it. Other girls don’t want to hear it. You’ll see…

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