The '80s horror film gets a DVD release

By Chris Nashawaty
August 31, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

One of the funniest and most disgusting horror flicks of the ’80s, Re-Animator (1985, 1 hr., 26 mins., Unrated) takes the classic mad-scientist premise of countless Frankenstein films and gooses it with giddy amounts of gore. Just out on a tasty EXTRAS-packed Blu-ray, Stuart Gordon’s underground riff on H.P. Lovecraft stars the awesomely creepy Jeffrey Combs as a prissy medical student who’s obsessed with bringing the dead back to life with a neon green serum. It makes no difference whether the subject of his insane experiments is a household pet or his freshly decapitated academic rival, Dr. Hill (the late David Gale, in fabulously villainous form). They’re all horrifying and they’re all a hoot. A-

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  • Unrated
  • Stuart Gordon
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