Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone
Credit: Peter Mountain

It’s August 31 — Do you have your trunk packed for Hogwarts?

We’re heading into a pretty exciting weekend for Potter nerds such as myself. It’s time to get back to Hogwarts.The train! The castle! Hagrid! It’s all coming back to me now.

And while I personally haven’t received my acceptance letter yet (over a decade late, but who’s counting?), I can’t help but think about the Sorting Hat. “There’s nothing hidden in your head, The Sorting Hat can’t see, So try me on and I will tell you, Where you ought to be,” as the story goes. But I’ve got a bit of a confession: While I would love to say that I would be sorted into Gryffindor alongside Harry, Ron, and Hermione, I also know that there is no way that would ever happen.

For one thing, I’m a total scaredy-cat. So the whole “saving Hermione from a troll/Order of the Phoenix/defeating Voldemort” thing isn’t in the cards. I think one of the all-time great scenes is when Harry and Hermione go back in time during Prisoner of Azkaban and save Sirius, but I also know that if I were involved, I would spend the whole time hiding behind Hagrid’s hut. Neville is a Gryffindor that eventually finds his inner bravery, but I’m doubtful I would have a similar reaction when going head-to-head with Nagini. And while I may have (a few) Hufflepuff traits and (many) Ravenclaw ones, I also know that it’s trumped by the fact that deep-down, I’m totally a Slytherin.

I remember taking those silly online quizzes years ago, and without fail, they would line me up alongside Draco, Pansy Parkinson (ugh) and the rest. When I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition a few years back, I got sorted into Slytherin without answering a single question. But it doesn’t mean there’s a Dark Mark tattoo in my future. Slytherins are ambitious (check) competitive (check) and get to hang out with Draco Malfoy whenever they want (maybe?). Also, Severus Snape was a Slytherin. I’m just fine being in the same group — he was one of the bravest men Harry ever knew, after all.

Now it’s your turn. Be honest: If you were getting sorted this weekend, which house would the Sorting Hat place you in?

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