EW gets a peek at what's going on behind the scenes in the latest in the horror-film series

By Clark Collis
Updated August 31, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

How hush-hush is Paranormal Activity 4? Consider this: The list of subjects directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost decline to discuss when they call from the set of the latest in the horror-film series (out Oct. 19) includes the plot, the shooting location, and the cast. Still, the PA4 cone of silence isn’t entirely soundproof: A recent trailer suggested that the movie will be made up of ”found footage” and that it will be set in 2011. Joost confirms the film takes place in the ”present day, more or less,” while Schulman explains that they have ”worked really hard to find the scare potential in all of the technology we surround ourselves with today.” The trailer also features Kathryn Newton (Bad Teacher) getting spooked by a young boy. Is this the same child who was removed to parts unknown by his demonically possessed aunt, played by Katie Featherston, in PA2? And if so, does that mean Featherston is returning? Joost says they can’t reveal whether the actress is in the movie, although ”she definitely haunts our dreams.” The pair, who also directed PA3, do let slip that they will ”perhaps” return for another Paranormal Activity movie if the demand is there. ”I can tell you this — we’re definitely expanding on the mythology and the history of this demon,” Schulman says of PA4. ”We’re really trying to get to the bottom of it!”