Credit: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

Marilyn Monroe helped make Salvatore Ferragamo’s four-inch heels famous, now the Italian design house is honoring the actress with a new book and a museum exhibition of the outfits that made her a style icon. [Vogue UK]

She was Photoshopped this way. Extreme airbrushing is a regular practice at most fashion magazines, but behind-the-scenes video of Lady Gaga’s Vogue shoot has some wondering if her cover is more illustration than image. [Refinery 29]

Come on down, but please form an orderly line. Swarms of hopefuls attended a casting call hoping to become the first male model to pose alongside kitchen appliances and dune buggies on The Price is Right. [Hollywood Reporter]

Just in time for the new season of Doctor Who comes the sonic screwdriver TV remote. [Mashable]

Watch Kelly Taylor debut her new nose, Finn get his first Slushie facial, Vinnie Barbarino show off his dance moves and more TV characters on the first day of school. [Flavorwire]