Deidre Hall may have only rejoined Days of Our Lives in September but she already has a milestone to celebrate. This month, the NBC sudser will air her 4,000th episode! To commemorate the occasion, EW asked the NBC soap star to recall some of her favorite moments playing Dr. Marlena Evans. Here are her eight favorite scenes, with video clips to follow:

1. Episode 4688, Tom arranges a shotgun wedding for Marlena and Eugene (Airdate: April 13, 1984): “It’s chock full of such wonderful dynamics,” Hall recalls to EW. “Roman is meant to be underground. Everyone thought he was dead but he’s underground. Everyone was so animated and incredulous. It played like slapstick, too. It felt like we were in a different genre, like a sitcom. And what was funny was that Eugene didn’t mind marrying Marlena so much.”

2. Ep. 6858, Stella spikes Marlena’s drink at Wings (Sept. 18, 1992): “We don’t get to play a lot of those scenes, when we get to cut loose and do comedy. We have so much fun. We talked a lot about how the audience will love this. Those moments we created weren’t in the script.”

3. Ep. 6954, John and Marlena finally make love — on a plane (Feb. 4, 1993): “We shot that all in one day. Once again, it was about listening to your audience and knowing how badly they wanted that scene to happen. We did this scene several times and after the last time we thought, gosh we nailed it. Then the producer came onto the floor and said, ‘quick [messing] around with this. I want to see abandon out there!’ Drake [Hogestyn] and I looked at each other. We hadn’t played like that before. We feel so safe with one another. So we did it one more time. I couldn’t stop crying when the scene was over. It felt like a completely different dance. There was no technique to it.”

4. Ep. 7515, a possessed Marlena seduces John (April 26, 1995): “It was a blatant seduction. We felt it from the audience — do it! Don’t do it! Don’t kiss her! They want each other so bad but she’s the devil! In playing the scene, I got to be suggestive and seductive and inappropriate in a lovely, innocent way.”

5. Ep. 9791, Hattie Adams (Hall) returns to Salem for two episodes (Feb. 24, 2004): “I see a through-line with my scenes. They were such alive moments! I had so dang much fun doing that. What you don’t get to see in some of those scenes are the moments that are not on camera. I spit gum and it hit Peter [Reckell] on the face. I was doing whatever crazy stuff I could think of. I said ‘Peter, I may spit on you,’ and he replied, ‘I don’t think so.’ When the moment came, I spit a wad on his face and it stuck to his forehead. I thought we would both wet our pants.”

6. Ep. 10606, John and Marlena on the beach (July 4, 2007). “I just looked good in it.”

7. Ep. 10678, John dies with Marlena, family and friends present (Oct. 17, 2007): “I was kind of alone out there in this scene. Usually Drake and I can play off of each other — he’ll lovingly pet my face while I rub him under his Drake shirts. But he couldn’t do anything. That scene was so quiet, you can feel other people’s heartbeats in the room. It’s a real ensemble performance. I believe in letting go of people who need to leave. The audience feels Marlena releasing him. It was an extraordinary act of love, letting him go with peace and dignity and tenderness.”

8. Ep. 11002, John and Marlena wed before leaving for Switzerland (Jan. 23, 1009): “We had been let go, and it was quite a shock to us. There was a sudden need to wrap up our characters and get them out of there. We were gonna walk off the set and never come back. That’s how it went for us. John was paralyzed. He couldn’t hold me, he couldn’t stand up. This was not what the audience would have written. It was just like the airplane scene. We did it our way. Bless his heart, Drake, all he could do was speak and tear up.”