By Hillary Busis
August 31, 2012 at 02:55 PM EDT

I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t the Backstreet Boys, like, just reunite? And do a concert tour with New Kids on the Block? EW’s Sandra Gonzalez wrote a great review of it last summer? That did happen, right?”

Yes, Cam Jansen, you’re partially correct; the Boys were back in town last year, “town” here being another word for “arenas around the country.” But the BSB that teamed up with NKOTB wasn’t complete: Kevin Richardson, the group’s oldest member, left the guys six years ago to pursue a solo goatee-growing career. This April, Kevin announced that he’d be rejoining his old posse — meaning that the concert BSB performed on Good Morning America a few hours ago was the band’s real reunion show.

And what a reunion it was! 

Kevin, A.J., Howie, Brian, and Nick stormed the GMA stage to a chorus of ecstatic shrieks, proving that even after all this time, they’re still larger than life. Despite an intro package that seemed designed to make them look decrepit — they’ve been “singing their way into the hearts of millions for nearly 20 years” and “making fans swoon since before Justin Bieber was even born” — the nonthreatening quintet still killed with a pair of hits from the Millennium days. Here’s one, which may still be the most perfect pop song ever written:

And here’s the other, which must have special resonance for the fans who have stuck by BSB for all these years. (Though it sounds better when sung on a spaceship.)

Is an insatiable hunger for tight harmonies and synchronized arm-lifting still gnawing at your gut? Never fear; the guys are recording a new album in London. According to A.J., they’ll also be mounting something special in 2013: “There will be a BSB cruise next year, in October, with all five,” he proclaimed proudly on GMA. Squeal! Can R. Kelly come too?

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