On Wednesday, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling received permission to build the most amazing tree houses ever seen on the face of this planet (and probably any other). Seriously, just look at that picture there.

The tree houses, which are Hogwarts Castle-inspired, stand two stories tall and include a rope bridge, turrets and secret tunnels. And you thought your yellow slide was cool.

Instead of being overwhelmed by seething jealously, however (okay, maybe there was just a moment of weakness), we at PopWatch started brainstorming what Harry Potter creations we’d like to see in our own homes. Who knows? Maybe Rowling will get wind of this post and do something about it. ‘Cause if anyone’s got the money to make it happen, it’s her.

1. The Deluminator: I always forget to turn the bathroom light off. Every night. And every night, I lay in bed letting the yellow light annoy me until I find the will to get up and go out into the hallway to turn it off. Then, I inevitably trip over my backpack, shoes, discarded clothing, or Welsh Terrier on my way back. The Deluminator would end all this. Just a click of the switch and all the lights in the house would be off. Sigh… Heaven.

2. The Prefects’ bathroom: The bathtub is the size of a swimming pool. All the taps run different colored bath water. There is a tap dedicated to just bubbles. JUST BUBBLES, you guys! You would never have to struggle to obtain to perfect bubbles to water ratio. (This is surprisingly difficult.)

3. Dishes that clear themselves: The dishwasher may clean our plates for us (if you’re lucky enough to have one), but could you imagine if your dishes just emptied when you were done? If they were suddenly spotlessly clean, with absolutely no effort on your part? Come on, even putting the dishes in the dishwasher can be tiresome sometimes. With this, you could just stick them back in the cabinet right when you’re finished! Amazing!

4. The Marauder’s Map: Remember that time you tried to sneak out to Erin Marks’ party? And then you were caught by your parents and grounded for a week? (I do.) That would never happen if you had a map to tell you where everyone in your house is.

5. The Knight Bus: Not technically for the home, but it will certainly get you there faster.

6. Monster chess: Actually, this already exists.

What would you wish for, PopWatchers? Sound off below!

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