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American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez, the powerhouse diva-in-training who almost got eaten by Jennifer Holliday once upon a time, made a big announcement at the iHeartRadio American Idol tour stop in New York City last night.

“After the show, I got signed to Interscope Records,” she said.

The news isn’t all that surprising. Interscope has first dibs on all the Idol kids, and Jimmy Iovine wasn’t about to let a voice like Sanchez’s out the door.

More surprising, though, was the fact that Sanchez debuted a new song called “Fairytale” for the crowd. The track has less of a sassy, urban feel than expected considering how frequently Sanchez has expressed her desire to head in that direction musically, but it is a young, bouncy pop ditty that feels about a million times more legit than her potential Idol coronation “Change Nothing.” Still, it sounds awfully generic.

Give it a listen below (videos via MJ’s Big Blog):

Sanchez wasn’t the only Season 11 contestant to unveil original music last night –third-place finisher Joshua Ledet performed a retro R&B track called “Broken Man,” while seventh place shock-eliminee Colton Dixon (who earned almost as much applause as winner Phillip Phillips at the Idols Live! concert I attended last week) sang his inspirational anthem “Never Gone,” which he has been performing on the road already.

What do you think of the new Idol music? Are you excited for that Jessica Sanchez nabbed a record deal? Could her new song “Fairytale” be a hit?

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