Credit: Classic Media; Warby Parker

Having trouble finding Waldo? Maybe it’s time to have your eyes checked.

Eyeglass company Warby Parker is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Where’s Waldo? children’s book series with a pair of round specs named in honor of the elusive title character.

Licensed products tied to entertainment properties don’t always make sense (Who gave the go-ahead on a line of Saved By the Bell nail polish? Will fans of Fifty Shades of Grey really shell out for sex toys inspired by the bestseller?), but I can see why the Waldos would appeal to fans of Warby Parker’s vintage-style frames.

After all, with his chukkas, hand-knit beanie and, yes, thick-rimmed glasses, Waldo is the original hipster style icon.

His status as an Internet meme predates both planking and Tebowing, his likeness has appeared on an Urban Outfitters ironic tank top, and he sported Emo bangs years before Justin Bieber was even born. Having people notice him is his raison d’etre.

Not a fan of Waldo’s sartorial style? The glasses also come in a walnut finish, so you can swap the striped sweater for a striped scarf and tell people you’re rocking a pair of Harry Potters.

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