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SUGAR POP With songs so saccharine they'll make your teeth hurt, you're bound to change the ''station'' when this album come on the air

The Midsummer Station

Owl City’s current smash ”Good Time,” his sunny, appealingly stompy collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, seems to promise an evolution for the bedroom artist (born Adam Young) who scored with his tinkly 2009 hit ”Fireflies.” But the insufferably mushy, relentlessly synthesized The Midsummer Station is loaded with so many platitudes and puns (if Young isn’t ”chasing rainbows,” he’s fawning over his ”constellation prize”) that it quickly descends into sugar shock. At one point, he literally croons, ”It’s time for you to shine brighter than a shooting star/So shine no matter where you are.” Who wrote these lyrics, a man or a My Little Pony? C+

Best Tracks:
Good Time

The Midsummer Station
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