There’s something different about Johnny’s girlfriend Judy. She seems older, more mature — and she’s suddenly gotten a whole lot better at bowling. But when Judy asks Johnny if he notices anything new, he’s not quite sure how to respond: “No… You got rouge on?” And then Judy lays down a bombshell — “I got my first period today!”

“So what’s the big deal?” Johnny replies, faking nonchalance.

“It means that blood is flowing out of my uterus!” Judy exclaims.

Yes, the following PSA from 1974 — charmingly titled Linda’s Film on Menstruation — is hilarious enough on its own. But the video goes from amusing to amazing when you realize that Johnny isn’t just anybody — he’s played by Jonathan Banks, a.k.a. Breaking Bad‘s stoic, certified badass fixer Mike. Skip over to around 1:10 and see for yourself:

This period piece — sorry, couldn’t resist — has the distinction of being Banks’ first onscreen role. When Vulture asked him about it earlier this week, the Emmy nominee laughed: “No good deed goes unpunished,” he said. “Years ago, my friend George Eichen, who was a manager of a summerstock playhouse, said, ‘Will you do this thing?’ I went, ‘Sure.’ And then they go ahead and they post it up there!”

So thank you, George Eichen, for bringing this incredible piece of ridiculata into our lives. Keep watching past Johnny’s glorious debut to catch a detailed explanation of menstruation, as narrated by a triangle-haired cartoon character named Francine.

And, in the interest of fairness, here’s Aaron Paul in an awesome ’90s commercial for Corn Pops:

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