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INDIE SOCIETY Fragrant World delivers a sensory overload with cooky, polished dance anthems
Credit: Jason Frank Rothenberg

Fragrant World

Ever since these arty Brooklyn kids broke through five years ago with their eclectic debut All Hour Cymbals — just try to find a circa-2007 indie mixtape that didn’t have ”2080” on it — they’ve been one of the scene’s biggest question marks. While 2010’s Odd Blood leaned harder on psychedelia, Fragrant World sheds yet another skin, forsaking much of Blood‘s poncho-friendly experimentalism. The result is something both tighter and somehow weirder, tethering college-dance-party grooves to the band’s far-out secret-society visions. If the secrets of the Freemasons are encoded somewhere in these lyrics, we’re glad to keep digging. B+

Best Tracks:
Blue Paper

Fragrant World
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