Besse Cooper
Credit: David Goldman/AP

Think you feel old? Well, the woman to your right feels a whole lot older. On Sunday, Besse Cooper celebrated her 116th birthday, making her the oldest woman in the world.

To put those many, many candles into perspective, we’ve decided to look at pop culture through the eyes of Cooper. So, if you’re feeling blue about your upcoming birthday, console yourself with the fact that you probably don’t remember the invention of the radio, movies and TV.

Cooper, on the other hand …

1. Is old enough to recall the sinking of the Titanic, both in life and on film (unlike these people).

2. Has been alive for all thirty of the Summer Olympic Games. (They started the year she was born — 1896.)

3. Can remember a vampire craze before Twilight. (Dracula was published in 1897.)

4. Has witnessed the making of all three King Kong movies.

5. Thinks the stars of The Expendables 2 look young.

By the way, the secret to living to 116 — in Cooper’s own words — is minding your own business and not eating junk food.