Pretty Little Liars fans owned Twitter tonight in anticipation of tonight’s big “betrAyal.” And the reveal sent some fans into people-think-I’m-being-murdered screams. Others, like this fan, simply lost control: “Full on shaking and balling [sic] my eyes out. #PLL.”

So, in normal people terms, was the twist worth the (over)reactions? You be the judge:

Like every Pretty Little Liars episode, this summer finale kept you guessing until the end. And those of you who had your money on Paige were…OUT OF LUCK! In fact, the final minutes revealed that it was Toby who was working on the A Team.

Is there more to it? I’m sure there is. But in the meantime, fans have a long time to process that information. (The show doesn’t return until October.) And while we all aren’t busy praying for mercy on Toby’s soul, there’s also Caleb who needs a few good wishes. Last we heard he was in surgery, getting patched up after being shot.

Yes, a lot happened. And I’ll back up for those of you who aren’t following my nonlinear take on life in Rosewood.

Someone died tonight. We knew that was coming. But the big question was WHO. The answer? Nate, who went all nutso and took Emily hostage AFTER kidnapping pencil-wielder Paige, who we had all assumed the worst about. (Sorry!)

Emily was the one who killed Nate. After escaping, she ran to a lighthouse — a perfect showdown spot — and had a scuffle that ended in him being stabbed with his own knife. What a loser.

Caleb arrived to console Emily, who was crying after killing Nate, which I didn’t completely understand. Dude was gonna kill you, Emily! Don’t cry; stab him again to make sure it’s done! But she didn’t. Instead, we heard a gunshot! (I KNEW the second Hanna expressed to Caleb that she hated the gun that something bad was going to happen.) It’s not entirely clear — to me, at least — WHO shot it, but we know poor Caleb was on the receiving end of the bullet. (Bullets > pink furry lamps) I hope his abs are still symmetrical.

At the hospital — as if a death, a serious injury, and the fact that one of them just killed a man wasn’t enough to deal with — the girls learned that Garrett was set free. Yikes.

Life just isn’t easy for this quartet, and while it certainly sucks to be them, it’s awesome for us to watch.

PLL fans, sound off on the summer finale, and please forgive me for turning back into a 13-year-old for this recap. This show has undeniable powers over me. I suppose I have more in common with the aforementioned obsessed fans than I thought.

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