It was really interesting to read the reactions to last week’s elimination. Many of you respected what Erica did, and many of you were in Michael’s camp. One of the things I love about this show is the different emotions and opinions it brings out in our fans. One thing is for sure, and that is Rachel is not happy that Michael is gone, especially now as the contestants are partnered up all the way to the very end. The good news for Rachel is that her new partner Nick (I had no idea he was on this season, but apparently he has been living in the house for weeks) is a good business partner that now wants to do the same thing she does: Survive. And in an exciting twist, we not only got to see Nick, but he said these three inspirational words: “Let’s do this.”

The challenge this week was one of my favorites, the first annual Bachelor Pad Spelling Bee. I was a bit disappointed you didn’t get to see and hear the best part of the spelling bee, the three judges. Our producers had very cleverly come up with amazingly entertaining definitions and sentences for each of the words. The kids read these to the contestants before they spelled each word, but that was edited out due to time constraints. So in the end you never really got to hear much from the kids from Hogwarts. I have to say I was pretty shocked at how the spelling bee played out. I thought Kalon and Lindzi would be really good, but in fact they sucked. It came down to the final two teams, and that sudden death spell-off actually took a while. I thought at one point we were going to run out of Bachelor words. But in the end, surprisingly, Chris and Sarah won the competition. As soon as they won, you could’ve heard a pin drop in that auditorium. The only thing you could hear, actually, was Blakeley starting to cry, as she desperately wanted Chris out of the house.

Chris and Sarah were whisked away to a romantic one on one date in wine country. Meanwhile, the plotting began back at the house. I actually learned something this week as I watched a few of the girls pinky-swear on their alliance. First of all, people apparently still pinky-swear and, second it’s not official unless you then kiss the entwined pinkies. Ed and Jaclyn also got a date this week for finishing second in the competition. This was perfect, as we got to hear Ed explain to Jaclyn that it’s been a real blast sleeping with you but, “I’m kinda, maybe into somebody else back home.” He went on to explain that this is Bachelor Pad and we should continue to sleep together and have fun in this manner, and I would appreciate at the end of this if you could just forget it all and we could go our separate ways. For some reason Jaclyn, being a human being, didn’t exactly love this. I have to say I was pretty impressed with how she stuck up for herself and spoke her mind. The big story on this date beyond watching Ed verbally drown was the fact that they got to give roses out and save a couple upon their return. In a major strategic move, Ed and Jaclyn gave the roses to Blakeley and Tony.

At the cocktail party prior to the elimination, the plotting and scheming was at an all-time high. Everybody was jockeying for position and survival. Rachel, who is now partners with Nick, really had to rebound and show people they were a team that could be trusted. Much to Rachel’s horror, Nick went off the rails a bit and almost sunk their chances of survival. Rachel later explained to Nick that this is why we don’t ever let him talk on Bachelor Pad. (Okay, I’m pretty sure she didn’t, but in my mind that’s what happened.) Despite Nick’s best effort to self-destruct, the group voted out lovebirds Kalon and Lindzi. Their exit really said it all. Somehow these two polar opposites have come together and they found love. I personally think it’s great. Oddly enough, they really seem to bring out the best in each other and I wish the two of them well and look forward to getting an update on their relationship at the finale. As far as the game goes, Kalon and Lindzi played it pretty smart, just floating along and not really joining any particular alliance. But in the end that lack of loyalty cost them. Coming up next week is the final challenge leading up to the final episode of Bachelor Pad. The twists and turns aren’t over yet, and the battle between Chris and Blakeley isn’t either. As usual you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram @chrisbharrison. And remember to check out our cast blogs at

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