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The cause of a small fire Monday at Madea franchise actor-director Tyler Perry's Atlanta-based Tyler Perry Studios – the second fire there in four months – was accidental due to smoking, an Atlanta Fire Department spokeswoman said.

"It was determined to be accidental, due to careless smoking," Atlanta Fire Department Capt. Marian McDaniel told on Tuesday.

"The fire was on a roof of one of the buildings being renovated, an adjacent building that caught fire before, in May," said McDaniel. There were no injuries, or major damage.

Apparently someone was smoking while doing repairs on the roof, and a lit cigarette jumpstarted the blaze. Tar and roof tarps are easily flammable, said McDaniel. The cause of the fire in early May – which severely damaged and charred the exterior of a building on the property – has still not been determined.

"There was a small fire which was quickly and easily put out via fire extinguisher without incident," said Perry's representative in a statement, about Monday's mini blaze. "Everyone was fine and went back to their normal workday."

Perry's sprawling studio opened in 2008, and houses sound stages, sets and a movie theater. It's literally Tyler's home base, where the entertainment juggernaut produces, acts and directs his sassy comedies and dramas, including in drag as Aunt Madea in Madea's Witness Protection and Madea Goes to Jail. Upcoming ensemble The Marriage Counselor, slated for release next year, stars Vanessa Williams and Kim Kardashian.

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