Retirees have to find a way to keep busy. Some take up knitting; others make multi-million dollar explosion-fests. Cecilia Giménez of Borja, Spain, has a different hobby: She spent hours attempting to restore a water damaged, century-old fresco of Jesus in Borja’s Santuario de la Misericordia church. Giménez’s finished product has inspired headlines and a flurry of tourist activity — but not for the reasons the artist would hope. Take it away, Today!

The clergy at Santuario de la Misericordia can’t be that angry at their misguided parishioner; at least Giménez’s restoration is inspiring kids to go to church, right? (The artist also says that the church’s priest gave her work his blessing, and that she worked on the fresco in broad daylight. God really does work in mysterious ways.)

What’s your favorite memeification of the ruined fresco? I’m partial to this skillfully Photoshopped Mona Lisa, though this picture of Homer Simpson as Jesus is a close second.

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