Credit: Tiziana Fabi, Jemal Countess, Larry Busacca/Getty

Leonardo DiCaprio dove into the politically charged world of diamond trafficking in 2006’s Blood Diamond, and now he’s teaming up with actor pals Tobey Maguire and Tom Hardy to produce an untitled drama about animal trafficking for Warner Bros., confirmed a studio spokeswoman to

The movie is currently in development, and a search for writers has started, said Warner Bros.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the film idea stemmed from Hardy, based on friends of his who became anti-poaching activists in South Africa and other countries. The movie would revolve around poachers in Africa, through the journey of animal hides ending up in high-end fashion houses. The studio hasn’t revealed whether Hardy, DiCaprio or Maguire will act in the film.

DiCaprio — a longtime animal rights and elephant welfare activist — and Maguire star in the upcoming Warner Bros. throwback The Great Gatsby, set for release next summer. Hardy’s star has long been on the rise with intense, parts in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

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