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Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Sorkinite or a scoffing hater, one thing’s for certain: You have a strong opinion about The Newsroom. It’s impossible to let this series play in the background as you fill in a crossword puzzle or cook dinner; The Newsroom demands attention and engagement, even if that engagement comes in the form of snarky tweets or incredulous blog posts.

And regardless of how you feel about Aaron Sorkin’s creation, you have to admit that its ability to provoke a reaction is impressive. That’s why even haters couldn’t help feeling pleased when they — okay, fine, we — saw that The Newsroom will return for a second season. Sorkin clearly has a complicated relationship with both his viewers and his critics, and it’ll be fascinating to see what effect, if any, their comments have on News Night 2.0 2.0. (News Night 4.0?)

Of course, none of these comments could have had any effect on The Newsroom‘s finale, which airs tonight at 10pm ET; the show’s first 10 episodes were in the can long before critics had a chance to sink their teeth in. Still, I can’t help but hope that the episode, ominously titled “The Greater Fool,” incorporates a few elements from my finale wish list. Here’s what I’d love to see:

1. Maggie and Jim stop dancing around each other

They’ve had mutual crushes for over a year! That’s practically a lifetime in the age of the 24-hour news cycle. Jim’s cute; Maggie’s cute; Don’s a monster. Kids: What are you waiting for, huh? What are you waiting for?!

2. MacKenzie stops beating herself up for cheating on Will

Sure, she did a bad thing — but as the women of Pawnee can attest, Mark Brendanawicz is fairly irresistible. Also, it’s been years since her indiscretion, and Will hasn’t exactly proven that he’s worth all of Mac’s mooning. Please, show, let her take a deep breath, realize that MacKenzie McHale McAvoy would be an awful married name, and go on a date with the single, fictional version of Pat Kiernan. I’d also love to see Mac save the day for once — instead of getting gum in her hair or thinking Don Quixote was written in French.

3. Will stops claiming to be a Republican while conveniently neglecting to espouse Republican views

Okay, so he’s against illegal immigration. Why else does News Night‘s anchor call himself a member of the GOP? Having Will clearly and forcefully reveal and defend his Republican beliefs would go a long way toward bolstering The Newsroom‘s credibility.

4. Lisa stops living with Maggie

That Valentine’s Day freakout notwithstanding, Lisa seems like a sweet, normal girl — and getting entangled with the wacky folks at News Night has brought her nothing but grief. Let’s see a scene where Lisa packs up her things, then finds some new friends.

5. Leona starts telling more jokes

The eeeeevil head of ACN has killer delivery; her Episode 3 joke about Moses and Jesus on the putting green (“Want to play golf, or do you want to f— around?”) was a highlight of Season 1. Get her out of that shadowy boardroom and onto a stage at Caroline’s!

Got anything to add, Newsroom watchers?

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