The Republican National Convention rearranged its schedule to make sure Ann Romney’s keynote speech would be televised in primetime on ABC, NBC and CBS on Tuesday.

The RNC had hoped the nets would bump reruns like Grimm and Hawaii Five-0 on Monday to broadcast Romney’s speech at the start of its four-day convention in Tampa, Fla., according to the Los Angeles Times. But the Big Three only committed to airing three nights of coverage to the RNC because that’s all it is giving to the Democratic National Convention from Sept. 4-6 in Charlotte, N.C. So the Republicans scrambled to change their schedule to make sure Mitt Romney’s wife would get a prime berth.

Now, RNC speakers like former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will speak on Monday, instead — when the Big Three cameras won’t be rolling. Bummer, dudes!