Reviews of the latest songs from Drake, Muse, and more

Aaliyah feat. Drake, ”Enough Said”
Drake, a self-professed superfan of the late R&B star, weaves one of her previously unreleased vocal tracks into his own over a spare, ethereal beat. The result, which post-humously transitions her supple coo into 21st-century bleeding-heart Rap&B, is both a passionate tribute to a fallen figure and a devastating reminder of what could have been. A- Kyle Anderson

OneRepublic, ”Feel Again”
Frontman Ryan Tedder, perhaps just as well-known as the Cyrano behind almost every Top 40 love poetess as he is for his own music, keeps this sun-through-the-clouds pop hymnal for himself. Smart move: His yowling, unpolished vocal adds just the right amount of edge to all the lovelorn “My heart is numb” platitudes. B+ Adam Markovitz

Muse, ”Madness”
Muse have been dancing around the perimeters of electronic music for years (dig the white-hot robo-rhythms on previous hit “Uprising”), but “Madness” burrows lustily into dubstep’s deep throb. Purists can hold tight to the molten guitar solo, while the rest can get lost in the churn of singer Matt Bellamy’s George Michael-channeling croon. B Kyle Anderson

Karen O, ”Strange Love”
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs banshee leans on her sweeter side, shuffling sideways into this charmingly off-kilter theremin-kissed calypso from Tim Burton’s upcoming Frankenweenie. Beautiful weirdos, your romance finally has its theme song. A- Leah Greenblatt