By Darren Franich
Updated August 24, 2012 at 06:45 PM EDT

Brian De Palma’s new movie Passion stars Prometheus survivor Noomi Rapace and romcom refugee Rachel McAdams as a pair of women who work together. And yet, they are not mere women; They are Woman, the alpha and omega, the angel and the whore, the mother and the daughter, the brunette and the blonde, the Swedish one with the British accent and the Canadian one with the American accent, a tale as old as time. They fall in love, or lust. Or perhaps “love” and “lust” are the same thing, and “hatred” is just “love” spelled backwards, and “backwards” is just “forwards” spelled wrong. “Come here,” says Rapace. “Now kiss me.” The video demurely cuts away before the actresses swap spit, although the audio remains. Also, someone wears a mask. (Really, aren’t we all wearing masks? How true that is!)

Again, I can’t stress enough: These two beautiful women are only making out so that Brian De Palma can explore the meaning of passion, and if that isn’t clear enough, the movie has been titled Passion, which everyone agrees is a significant improvement over the original title, The Semiotics of Desire, Part One: I Loves Me My Sexy Smoochz. Watch the trailer:

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