FAMILY FUN Jennifer Garner and CJ Adams bond in The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Credit: Phil Bray

The title character of the heart-tugging fantasy crowd-pleaser The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a nerdishly sweet 10-year-old boy (CJ Adams) who lands on the doorstop of a childless couple (Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner). Adopting him, they discover that he isn’t just different but, you know, special. He’s got leaves growing out of his ankles, a way of lifting his arms up to the heavens like a junior Jesus (hello, evangelical demo!), and also a way of lifting the hearts of everyone he meets. Timothy is a magical boy, all right, but that doesn’t keep him from being shy, awkward, wounded. The movie should have been called The Curious Diary of a Wimpy Forrest Gump. It’s genuinely soft-hearted (you’re all but guaranteed to cry) but mush-brained, too. B-

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
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