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Warning: Family Guy’s Valentine’s Day episode will be rated ex.

A gaggle of Brian’s past girlfriends will return en masse in this romantic holiday-themed installment, which means you will hear the familiar voices of Drew Barrymore (as Jillian), Jessica Biel (Brooke), Nicole Sullivan (Tina), Cheryl Tiegs (Cheryl Tiegs), Jessica Stroup (Denise), Julie Hagerty (Carol), Kat Foster (Carolyn), and Nana Visitor (Rita). (Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will voice Ida). What, or, should we say, who brings them back into the picture? When our talking canine winds up dateless on Feb. 14, “Stewie gathers scores of Brian’s former girlfriends to get to the bottom of why he’s unsuccessful in love,” exec producer Mark Hentemann tells EW. “The women are not reluctant to point out Brian’s flaws, and have a great time doing so.”

Family Guy isn’t the only animated Fox comedy taking a stroll down ex-flame lane. The season 24 premiere of The Simpsons will feature five of Bart’s former girlfriends, who are voiced by Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Zooey Deschanel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Sarah Silverman.

Season 11 of Family Guy kicks off Sept. 30, and “Valentine’s Day in Quahog” is scheduled to air in early 2013. Other celebrity guests this season include Sofia Vergara, Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Banks, and Kellan Lutz.

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