Dr. Christmas Jones is heading to the CW’s tony zip code.

Granted, Denise Richards hasn’t played that memorable character since the 1999 movie The World is Not Enough, but how many opportunities do we get to reference such a “classic” name?

Eh, we digress. Richards — last seen starring opposite her ex Charlie Sheen on FX’s Anger Management — will play Gwen in the drama’s 100th episode, airing Nov. 26. (100 episodes already!)

Here’s the official description of Richards’ role: “A sexy West Beverly High School Alum turned wealthy socialite, and is the head of a very exclusive women’s club filled with powerful women. There is nothing Naomi wouldn’t do to become a member of this club, until she realizes it’s really a grown up version of a “Mean Girls” clique from high school.”

90210 returns on Oct. 8.

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