I Love the '90s

The earth's temperature is rising. Our ice caps are melting. About a third of America's honeybees has died every single winter since 2007. Entire flocks of birds are frickin' falling from the sky, people. It's clear that the planet is in trouble — and there's only one blue-skinned dude who can save us from ourselves. That's right: I'm talking about Papa Smurf Captain Planet, sky-colored protector of all things great, small, and made of dirt.

A trio of neo-Planeteers has produced a live-action trailer for a fake Captain Planet movie. Although it's missing a very important monkey, everything else about the clip is spot-on — especially the villain's devious dialogue ("When the world sees chaos, war despair — I see dollar signs") and its impressive special effects. Check it out:

Unlike the fan-made trailer for a Hey Arnold! movie that came out in April, this one has some real competition — Cartoon Network is actually working on a live-action adaptation of Captain Planet. (The fake trailer also has to compete with Funny or Die's hilarious CP parody, which stars Don Cheadle as a homicidal Cap'n.) Still, given the choice between a studio remake and this quasi-gritty indie take, I'd go with the latter; Cartoon Network's Captain definitely wouldn't look and act more like Dr. Manhattan than the cartoon's friendly environmental superhero.

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I Love the '90s
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