By Dalton Ross
August 24, 2012 at 04:56 PM EDT
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With the exception of the Zingbot 3000 and some idiot always opening Pandora’s Box, there is little in the Big Brother house that is more exciting than the double eviction. I checked in with host Julie Chen to talk about the two houseguests that were sent packing (Mike Boogie and Ashley), the Quack Pack, and who now stands the best chance of winning Big Brother 14.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, how stressful is it for you and the crew on a live double eviction night where you have to squeeze in two vote outs and two competitions in under an hour?

JULIE CHEN: VERY stressful, but equally exciting! I have the tight shoulders to prove it and a racing heart still pounding from the adrenalin rush.

When he first appeared in season 2 he was Mike “Boogie” Malin. In All-Stars it was shortened to Mike Boogie. Then this season he was mostly called just Boogie. What are you gonna call this guy if he comes back to play for a fourth time — Boogs?  

The Boogie Man.  He is your worst nightmare unless you are a member of Chilltown.

Okay, can we agree that Britney’s final Diary Room phony phone call message to Mike Boogie was the best send-off of all time?

It was pretty classic.  She is smart, quick, funny and vocal.  All things we love to see in our Houseguests.  She got in his face the way he was with Janelle and she probably spoke for many fans who love to hate Boogie.

How smart was Ian to kill Boogie with kindness in his final comments by saying how he learned everything from him? In about 5 seconds Boogie went from really mad at Ian to clapping and tipping his hat to him.

Not only was it smart, but I feel like he meant it.  Ian idolized Boogie from afar for years as a kid growing up who loves the art of this game.  But what’s REALLY impressive is that he didn’t let this cloud his judgment on how to play the game.  The student exceeded the teacher.

Jen kept talking about how she was going out “kamikaze style” and how she was “out for blood” but I haven’t seen much game on her part at all? Is she all bark and no bite?

She is ultra-sensitive.  This game will do that to even the thickest skinned people.  Everyone wants to be liked and respected.  She let her ego get in the way.  I think she would bite if she got HOH.  That position often makes people drunk with power and can bring out the power hungry, ugly side in many of us.

With all the yelling he does in the Diary Room, is it possible to get Joe to express himself from now on using only silent hand gestures?

Yes,  as long as it’s not the middle finger.  This guy showed even us to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.  Who knew he had it in him?  But there’s something still loud about his silent hand gestures.  He did it with such intensity.

With the exception of her make-out session with Frank, Ashley was pretty much a nonfactor this entire game. She seemed genuinely upset about being voted out, however. What’s it like having to be the first person someone like that talks to after she has been rejected by her peers? Are you part interviewer, part shrink?

A little bit.  I remember what one of the Dutch creators of Big Brother told me when we started the show 13 years ago:  “We must celebrate these people when they get evicted and treat them like heroes.  We are not here to treat them badly…even if they were the worst person in the house.”  When they get evicted they are all fragile because they’ve just been rejected on live television in front of millions of people…which can be so humiliating.  I always try to be fair and objective and put myself in their shoes.  That being said, sometimes people need a bit of a smack down, but I know they will get it from the public when they go online or out in the real world.  It’s not always fair, but it is what it is.”

Obviously, things in the house change on a dime, but who has the clearest path to winning at this point?

Ian or Britney or MAYBE Frank.  At this point, if Frank ups his social game and can make nice while winning comps he could win, but most likely the others will gun for him.  Ian has the brains, but not the brawn that sometimes helps.  Britney has the social game and the brains, but I’m not so sure about the physical comps.  She’s not bad, but is not an athlete like Frank.  We’ll see.

Finally, do you kind of wish the big alliance in the house had picked a cooler name?

YES!  Quack Pack is the dorkiest name in BB history.  Sorry, guys, but it is!  It makes me want to join Chilltown it’s so dorky.

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