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Eva Longoria is no longer a desperate housewife — but she is desperate for Barack Obama to win a second term in office. The actress was an extremely vocal Obama supporter in 2008, and she’s been serving as a co-chair for the president’s reelection campaign since this past February. Now Longoria will show her support on an even bigger platform: She’s giving a speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The Republican party doesn’t have any similar politically-minded stars speaking at its own convention in Tampa Bay, at least as of now. Still, Longoria’s selection means that future quadrennial assemblies — as well as smaller events throughout the year — could include even more boldfaced names someday. Yeah, yeah, these events are about politics, not Hollywood — but wouldn’t a few more speeches from people like Longoria liven up the proceedings just a bit? They’d be worth it for the resulting Daily Show segments alone!

Imagine it: Outspoken Occupy Wall Street proponent Joseph Gordon Levitt could make waves with pro-99% speeches at Democratic campaign meetings. Clint Eastwood, who endorsed Mitt Romney earlier this month, would be an instant hit at any GOP happenings. Obama buddy George Clooney could step out from behind the scenes, exchanging private fundraisers for public support speeches. And Adam Sandler, who performed at 2004’s RNC, could ditch jokes for a heartfelt speech at some future Republican event.

Are there any celebrities you’d like to see get vocal about their political views? (On a related note: Who does Ryan Gosling support? Because the 2012 election is suffering from a serious lack of “hey, girl.”)

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