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Carrie White in her prom dress, streaked with blood: It’s one of those indelible cinematic images that are harder to scrub from your mind than, well, blood from a prom dress. Boys Don’t Cry helmer Kimberly Peirce had a big, bucket-sized shadow to step out of when she decided to direct a modernized, more character-focused adaptation of Stephen King’s debut novel, which had already been mounted on the big screen by Brian De Palma in 1976. Chloë Grace Moretz steps into the role of the vengeful teen, while Julianne Moore will play her abusive, religious fundamentalist mother. Click through for EW’s exclusive, full-size image of a not-so-sanguine Carrie, plus a never-before-seen first look at Moore as Margaret White.

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Sissy Spacek was in her mid-20s when she played the bullied telekinetic schoolgirl, but 15-year-old Moretz has experience playing characters whose age belies their wrath. With films like Kick-Ass and Let Me In under her belt, she’s no stranger to bloodbaths, although perhaps never one so literal as the iconic dousing that turns Carrie’s prom into a fiery nightmare. ”We only have, like, four chances to get it right,” Moretz says of the infamous scene. ”Because that stuff stains your hair.”

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Though Carrie’s mother is a vicious, fire-and-brimstone tyrant who uses her own Christianity as a cross and abuses her daughter in the name of the Lord, Moore hopes that her portrayal of Margaret will still manage to hold a few grains of humanity. “This woman has clearly had a psychotic break, perhaps several,” says Moore. “But what’s sad about it for me is that she’s clearly sick and here’s this poor child in the thrall of this person who is seriously ill. And on top of that, they have this mother-daughter relationship. So we want to make that relationship as meaningful as possible, even though it is horrible and destructive.”

Carrie hits theaters March 13, 2013.

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