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August 23, 2012 at 05:13 PM EDT

Jack Donaghy’s office hasn’t been the same since Maulik Pancholy, the actor who played his sycophantic assistant Jonathan, left for supposedly greener pastures — i.e. a co-starring role on NBC’s Whitney. Thankfully, Whitney‘s retooling and 30 Rock‘s imminent final season have created a perfect storm: TV Guide says Pancholy is ditching Whitney Cummings in favor of Tina Fey, as anyone given a choice between the two would. Let’s celebrate by talking about ourselves all the time!

I’m not prepared to deal with the fact that 30 Rock will end in 2013. But the news about Jonathan also got me pondering which other supporting characters I’d like to see pop up again during the show’s last year. Popular recurring faces like Will Arnett’s devious Devon Banks, Chris Parnell’s loopy Dr. Spaceman, and Dean Winters’ skeevy Dennis Duffy are basically guaranteed to reappear — but what about the folks who make a big impact without being marquee names? Here’s who I’m talking about:

Kathy Geiss (Marceline Hugot)

Don Geiss’s bizarre, unicorn-obsessed, middle-aged daughter is unique and absurdly hilarious — in a nutshell, everything that makes 30 Rock great. Season 7 wouldn’t be complete without one more shot of Kathy pulling a toy car out of her mouth.

Jeffrey Weinerslav (Todd Buonopane)

Yes, his name is pronounced “weener slave.” That alone makes this HR guy worthy of a repeat appearance.

Wesley Snipes (Michael Sheen)

This one is cheat, since Sheen’s a much bigger name than everyone else on the list; he might be more of a guest star than a recurring supporting character. But from his goofy footcycle — sorry, velocipede — to his accent to his fear of returning to London for the 2012 Olympics (“We’re not ready, Liz! Have you seen the Beijing opening ceremonies? We don’t have that kind of control over our people!), Wesley is a perfect character; Season 7 would be richer with him in it.

Anybody played by Rachel Dratch

Hey, remember when Tina Fey’s SNL pal Rachel Dratch would randomly show up as a cat wrangler, or an over-the-hill hooker, or a squeaking blue dude? Bring that back, please.

There are tons of other names that belong here, of course, but these are the ones that immediately spring to mind. Who would you add to this unfinished list?

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